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published April 20, 2022
DYNE Hospitality Group Appoints New Chief Operating Officer
Melissa Jackson
DYNE Hospitality Group is thrilled to announce our new Chief Operating Officer, Melissa Jackson. Melissa joined the DYNE team seven years ago as a District Manager in Arkansas. After serving as a DM for two years, she received a promotion to Senior District Manager and quickly moved to Director of Operations just six months later. In January 2021, she received another promotion to Vice President of Operations. Now, she officially leads the company as Chief Operating Officer.

Melissa is an accomplished hospitality industry professional with more than 30 years of experience. During her tenure at DYNE Hospitality Group, the company has grown to 90 locations across six states and is still growing daily! We are excited to continue expanding and creating opportunities for others under her leadership! Congratulations, Melissa! Thank you for all you do!