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Our Focus Is

Investing in People & Building Opportunities.

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What We Believe In


Our shared passion is promoting smarter food choices, active lifestyles and creating amazing workplaces. We operate franchises that value their employees and create warm, inviting, family-friendly environments for our guests. Identifying new opportunities has resulted in success and growth, and that will always be our focus.

Portfolio Companies

Tropical Smoothie Wins Franchise Times Zor Award

The winner in our Guilt-free Eats category examining restaurant franchises with a healthy bent, Tropical Smoothie Cafe rose to the top in part because it captures multiple dayparts with a menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items. The Atlanta-based brand...

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DYNEWELL, an Employee Wellness Program

DYNEWELL is our Employee Wellness Program that kicked off in 2021. DYNE has always had a continued focus on finding unique ways to create opportunities for others. This desire is why our mission is to use our God-given gifts to create opportunities through operational...

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DYNE recognized as the 3rd Fastest-Growing Operator in 2019

Franchise Times' Restaurant 200 BY NICHOLAS UPTON; RESEARCH BY MATT HASKIN AND MAX WOLF The Restaurant 200 reflects many of the major trends in the restaurant industry, one being the big continue to grow. But the industry is facing real change and difficulty even at...

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