About Us

DYNE Hospitality Group is the largest Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchisee in the brand. DYNE’s mission is to create opportunities using our God-given gifts. We say to use our God-given gifts because we believe everyone has something at which they are great. If we are working in whatever our gifting is, we will be energized, excited and love what we do each day.

Our focus is on creating opportunities, and this is how we measure the success of our company. The way we create opportunity is by always growing. The graph below speaks for itself. In order to accomplish our mission, sustained growth is essential, and this will always be our focus.

At DYNE Hospitality Group, operational excellence is essential to our success and a requirement for continued growth. It is something we take very seriously, work tirelessly to achieve and are committed to perfecting. To accomplish this part of our mission, we value our team like family, provide the resources for them to grow and obsess over our customer’s experience.

Cafes Open At the End of Each Year



  • DYNE opens its first two cafés in Arkansas and Florida


  • DYNE ends the year with 6 cafes, tripling in size during its first two years


  • DYNE adds two cafes, and partners with Henry Investment Group in Dallas to accelerate growth


  • DYNE growth explodes, adding 9 cafes and becoming the Area Developer of Oklahoma and West Texas


  • DYNE adds 11 Cafes through organic development and several acquisitions in Florida


  • DYNE adds 11 Cafes through organic development and several acquisitions in Florida


  • DYNE signs 26 Cafe development deal for exclusive rights in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX and Savannah, GA areas



  • DYNE’s development schedule includes 12 Cafes, to reach 53 cafes and more than 800 employees by the end of 2018


  • DYNE signs Cafe development agreement in Orlando, FL.



  • DYNE launches the Pyneapple Fund, an internal fund to help their team members in times of need


  • DYNE Hospitality Group Grows to 60 Cafes in 6 states


  • DYNE Development closes on Arkansas commercial investment in 2019 and focuses on continued real estate development opportunities and expansion in 2020


  • DYNE closes out the year with 75 Cafes open and operating in 6 states. The company has plans for 15-20 Cafes in 2021 through organic development and key acquisitions.


  • DYNE will be self-developing a majority of their new Cafes through their quickly growing development company, DYNE Development.


  • DYNEWELL is our Employee Wellness Program that kicked off in 2021. DYNE has always had a continued focus on finding unique ways to create opportunities for others.


  • DYNE Hospitality Group announces the “DYNE Make it Happen Scholarship Fund” and will be awarding the first round of scholarships at the end of 2021.


  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe names DYNE as the brand’s “Developer of the Year.”


  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe presents DYNE the “Difference Maker Award.”


  • DYNE Hospitality Group Appoints New Chief Operating Officer