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published September 17, 2021
DYNE Hospitality Group announces the “DYNE Make it Happen Scholarship Fund”

DYNE Hospitality Group is thrilled to announce the “DYNE Make it Happen Scholarship Fund” and will be awarding our first round of scholarships at the end of this year!

All applicants will be reviewed by the DYNE Scholarship Committee and also must meet a list of minimum requirements. This includes a minimum GPA of 2.5 as a highschool senior with a plan to enroll or currently enrolled in a full- or part-time undergraduate program at an accredited two- or four-year college or university. Vocational-technical schools also qualify. The scholarship is available to current DYNE Hospitality Group Cafe employees.

This scholarship was created to help DYNE employees continue pursuing their passions and goals through higher education. The selected winners of the DYNE Make it Happen Scholarship Fund will each receive a $2,000 award.

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