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published March 16, 2023
Tropical Smoothie Cafe names DYNE as the brand’s “Franchisee of the Year” and “Developer of the Year.”

On March 16, 2023, at the annual Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Convention, DYNE Hospitality Group received numerous awards that showcased our commitment to excellence. Melissa Jackson, our Chief Operating Officer, Tom Torpey, our Senior Director of Operations, Cheryl Switters, our Vice President of Training, and Nick Crouch, our Co-CEO, were present to accept the accolades.

Among the many honors we received were sales, food excellence, and service awards. However, the crowning achievements of the night were the two most prestigious awards that the brand bestows: National Franchisee of the Year and Developer of the Year. These awards recognize DYNE’s significant contributions to moving the brand forward, increasing our Average Unit Volume (AUV), building top-notch facilities on prime real estate, and maintaining exceptional operations with superior guest service and a fantastic company culture.

We owe these incredible accomplishments to our remarkable DYNE team, whose hard work, dedication, and passion helped make these achievements possible. We are truly grateful for these awards and for the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic brand.