DYNE Scholarship


DYNE Hospitality Group is thrilled to announce the “DYNE Make it Happen Scholarship Fund.” Created to help DYNE employees pursue their passions and goals through higher education, this scholarship will award select recipients a $2,000 scholarship.

All applicants will be reviewed by the DYNE Scholarship Committee and must meet a minimum set of requirements:

  • Be a current DYNE Hospitality Group Cafe employee. Recipients must plan on working for DYNE during the school semester in which the scholarship is awarded and be employed, not on leave.

  • Be a high school senior or current college student with a minimum GPA of 2.5

  • Have a plan to enroll in or have proof of current enrollment in an undergraduate program (full or part-time) at an accredited two- or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical school.

Interested applicants must submit a current transcript and personal video. In the video, applicants should creatively show and explain their passion and how they plan to use that in the future to make a positive change in the world.
The selected recipients of the “DYNE Make it Happen Scholarship Fund” scholarship will each receive $2,000 towards their educational goals. Although the awards do not automatically renew the following year, applicants can reapply the following year(s) as long as they meet the requirements.

Program Facts


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Previous Scholarship Recipients

Alan Rathman Receiving a DYNE Scholarship Check

Alan Rathmann

“Receiving the DYNE Make It Happen Scholarship means so much to me. It’s truly an honor to be recognized and appreciated by this company. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that the scholarship will provide me. I will be able to finish college debt-free, allowing me to focus on my teaching internships. I believe that education is a catalyst for change. With this scholarship, I am on the path to creating my own classroom.”

Riley Byrne receiving a DYNE Scholarship check

Riley Byrne

“Winning the DYNE Scholarship is a tremendous honor and opportunity for me. It acknowledges my hard work in pursuing an engineering degree and my dedication to the cafe where I have the privilege of working. With the support of the DYNE Scholarship, I can focus on excelling academically and continue to contribute to something greater, such as student Aerospace research, development, and the high-powered rocket competitive team. This scholarship empowers me to pursue research, gain valuable experience, and ultimately, make meaningful contributions to my academic and DYNE community.”

Leslie Hardin receiving a DYNE Scholarship check

Leslie Hardin

“With the help of the scholarship, I will be able to pursue my career as a speech language pathologist without having so much of a financial burden on my shoulders. Because of the DYNE scholarship, I can pour my focus into graduating, becoming certified, and moving a step closer to being able to help people. Winning the DYNE Scholarship means the world to me. Winning this scholarship means I am one step closer to graduating and being able to give people the tools they need to communicate and to make the world a brighter place for them and their families.”

Sarah Alayo receiving a DYNE Scholarship check

Sarah Alayo

“My goal after college is to go to med school. Receiving this scholarship will help me become a better doctor for my community. I always hear stories of black women being ignored or their opinions devalued; this opportunity will further my ability to change the stigma and the experience of women like me.”

Annabell Beringer receiving a DYNE Scholarship check

Annabelle Beringer

“The DYNE Scholarship means a lot to me. It was very special, and I felt very rewarded when I found out I received the scholarship. This funding is very important to me because it helps me cover the costs of all my next semester’s charges! This was very helpful for my parents and myself.”

Elizabeth Stelly

Tropical Smoothie Location: AR025

School of Choice: Arkansas Tech University

“I am truly so incredibly humbled and honored to have been able to receive this scholarship. I am currently one of fifteen students who get accepted into the cardiac sonography program through ATU Ozark each year. I love this program and knowing I have more financial support definitely takes things easier. I am grateful to be with such an incredible company who not only creates amazing work environments, but also one who supports their employees further their educational goals.”

Carlie Wilson

Tropical Smoothie Location: OK016

“The Make It Happen Scholarship means so much to me! Working for Tropical Smoothie is my main source of funding for college, so to have earned these additional funds is a huge help and honor for me. This has made me feel like my dreams are possible, and I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

Khadija Mamane

Tropical Smoothie Location: FL111

School of Choice: Florida State College at Jacksonville South Campus

“This award means so much to me because this can take my academic career so many steps further. I am in school to be an oncology nurse and with this scholarship, it can help me take my education to new heights and solely focus on keeping up the good work. I am so honored to be a recipient of this award.”

Jack Cain

Tropical Smoothie Location: Support Office

School of Choice: William H. Bowen School of Law

“This scholarship will help me immensely in my academic career. Law school is stressful enough as it is, and the financial burden can sometimes be equally stressful. This scholarship helps ease that burden and allows me to focus on the schoolwork. It is a great feeling of comfort to me knowing that my company values me and my work enough to invest in my future in this way.”

Ashley Thompson Scholarship Check Presentation

Ashley Thompson

Tropical Smoothie Location: OK002

School of Choice: Tulsa Community College

“Winning this scholarship means so much more to me than I can really articulate. It is like a breath of fresh air because I recently went through a long and hard series of unfortunate life events that completely drained all of the money that I had, including the money I needed to pay for school. After working many hours over the summer, I still was not able to recover from those events because more kept piling on. With this scholarship, that I am so blessed to have won, I can officially pay for my school and get back on my feet financially. This kind of relief is something that I wish everyone could experience without the hardship that comes with it.”

Jenee Prevot

Tropical Smoothie Location: Support Office

School of Choice: Louisiana State University Shreveport

“Since receiving the DYNE Scholarship, I have completed two semesters (four courses). The scholarship helped fund a whole semester of course work, which was very helpful as I am paying out of pocket for my schooling. My husband and I also bought our first home, so the scholarships helped relieve some of the financial burden during that time! I am about to enter my last semester of my MBA program and will graduate this October!”

Davis Ball

Tropical Smoothie Location: FL193

School of Choice: University of North Florida

“The scholarship was very very meaningful to me. I’m super thankful for DYNE giving me the opportunity to receive this award. I was able to use this money to pay for the last of my classes at UNF which prevented me from having to take out a second loan for school! I know this award means a lot to every student that works for DYNE!”

Savannah Steward

Tropical Smoothie Location: AR027

School of Choice: Arkansas State at Beebe

“The DYNE Scholarship helped me to be able to concentrate on school and not worry about how I was going to cover all of my expenses. Being a single mom in school is hard, but our scholarship program allowed me to have peace of mind! Forever grateful to represent DYNE as a scholarship recipient!”

Miguel Henry, Jr.

Tropical Smoothie Location: AR033

School of Choice: Pulaski Technical School in North Little Rock


Jodeci Mitchell

Tropical Smoothie Location: GA002

School of Choice: Valdosta State University