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published January 26, 2024
And They’re Off at the DYNE TYME Annual Conference!

The DYNE TYME Annual Conference, held in January, was a three-day event at the Oaklawn Resort in Hot Springs, AR. It included DYNE’s Operations & Support leaders and the DYNE Development Team. The theme of this year’s conference was inspired by the horse track at Oaklawn: “And They’re Off.” This theme served as a powerful metaphor for the momentum DYNE has built over the past few years, signaling the time to set and achieve even more ambitious goals in the future.

The conference was a blend of insightful sessions, reflective discussions, and joyous celebrations. Attendees took a deep dive into the successes of 2023, drawing lessons and inspiration for the journey ahead in 2024. The invaluable contribution of our esteemed keynote speakers was greatly appreciated. We had the great pleasure of welcoming three distinguished individuals to share their insights and expertise:

Dr. Dawn Marie Kier: Day 1

Dr. Dawn founded New Dawn Consulting based in Atlanta, with nearly 30 years of experience in Organizational Change and Talent Management. When she spoke with our leaders at DYNE TYME, she invited us to investigate our “roots,” providing us with a space to grow and produce better fruit. Knowing that when a leader does not walk the walk and talk the talk, it causes irreparable harm to our Core Values. This leaves us to ponder: Who could we be, and what could we build if we indeed pressed into our hearts?

Glenn McCracken: Day 2

Glenn is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice based in Little Rock, AR. Glenn obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. He is the founder and president of The Tov Life and SparkFit. Glenn delivered the message of balance in our lives from a physical and mental wellness journey. Segmenting our lives into time for Rest, Work, and Play to create actionable ways to live out our values.

Keith Jackson: Day 2

Keith was born in Little Rock, AR, and attended the University of Oklahoma, graduating with academic honors with a B.A. in Communications. Keith then played in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles, the Miami Dolphins, and the Green Bay Packers, where he won Super Bowl XXXI (31) in 1996. Keith encouraged us and our teams to drive a mentality of being a part of the “100%.” If life were a football game, and we played all 4 quarters. The goal is to choose to live our lives 100%. To aggressively serve the purpose of our lives to attain the “charmed life” in the 4th quarter.

The highlight of the conference was the awards ceremony, skillfully led by Melissa Jackson, Glen Johnson, & Nick Crouch. The prestigious 4 pillar core value awards were presented to individuals who exemplified DYNE’s guiding principles:

Invest in People – Awarded to Steve Anderson

Understand Why – Recognizing Zach Ramsey

Make Smart Decisions – Honoring Tom Torpey

Make it Happen – Acknowledging the efforts of Courtney Adams

The pinnacle of recognition, the Culture Champion Award, was bestowed upon Lindsey Wilson. With a decade of dedication to DYNE, Lindsey consistently goes above and beyond, embodying the essence of the DYNE culture.

Adding a touch of humor to the evening, the DYNE Die Awards were presented – a playful take on superlatives that had the audience in stitches. Laughter echoed through the room as the team celebrated each other’s unique qualities and quirks.

As DYNE looks forward to an exciting 2024, this conference served as a testament to the unity, dedication, and spirit that define the DYNE family. Every member plays a vital role in the continued success of the organization.